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Chairish is an online marketplace for chic and unique decor, art, furniture and home decorating inspiration. Chairish is an online marketplace that curates an offering of high end home furnishings and art. Over 10,000 sellers use Chairish to sell vintage, antique and one of a kind items alongside high end newly made pieces.

Jen warned, "I purchased 4 caracole chairs from Chairish that were supposedly in good condition. When they arrived the delivery company left them in my garage. I noticed the one chair was severely damaged and reported it to Chairish. They are siding with the shipping company claiming it's my fault as the shipper has made up many lies and excuses. This company is vile, spend your money else where. There customer service is lackluster. I'm out a ton of money with a damaged chair and they could care less."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The most miserable company I've ever worked for. Company doesn't listen to what their customers actually want, constantly just throwing spaghetti at the wall. Zero company culture. Sub par benefits, low pay. Lots of employee turnover, especially in sales. In the office hardly anyone speaks to each other. Because the office is so cheaply designed, when someone does decide to open their mouth, the entire office can hear their conversation. One week I decided to do an experiment where I wasn't going to speak to anyone unless spoken to first, it took me until Friday to have a conversation with someone. When people do have things to say, it's usually complaining about their job or how *absurd* a client's completely reasonable request is. Communication between the two offices is awful. Extremely negative, boring group of people. Very confused why if everyone complains so much they don't just leave."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The work culture here is toxic and non-existent. This is a startup with a tense, outdated, and non-supportive culture. A good number of the people here operate like they are from the 90s. Some people will only communicate through email, others will use X chat app and the remaining use Y chat app. A lot of the managers are brought over from the founders of their previous companies. The managers may or may not be qualified for their current roles. Managers lack leadership, communication, and management skills. Finger pointing runs faster than wildfire. Managers offer zero meaningful feedback for personal growth and have the most outdated mindset in all of silicon valley (such as you should come in before your manager and leave after your manager regardless of hours/work completed, if you have no kids aka obligations then you better stay in the office longer than those who does). So many snobby and incompetent people here, stay away if you want a healthy work culture."

Former Contractor - Production Associate says

"However, I've noticed that my previous review, and many negative reviews have been removed, so I wanted to set the record straight: this company has a pretty terrible work culture, especially if you are a contractor. There is zero room for growth, and full time employers generally act aloof and very unfriendly if you are in a contract position. Marketing is particularly snooty. I've also heard it is a nightmare working with the COO. Definitely not a friendly place to work and the pay is very low."

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"- Horrible pay for a contractor - with what you are paid for, you will be qualified for Below Market Rate housing in SF. ***While the company is willing to spend $1,800 monthly on floral arrangement.*** - You don't feel like part of the team as a contractor. It's like you're in a different company, sitting in another island and little interaction with company employee or anyone to be honest. - This is a sugar coated role that requires very little skills. I could have excelled this role at high school, and it's a total waste of your university degree. - No growth and no career advancement once you are hired on a contract. They will tell you there is potential to convert. But when the time comes, they will just keep you on the contract indefinitely, while telling you that you'd be considered for future opportunities, which is a lie. (But they don't really care anyway, because they just want some temporary cheap labor for this particular team, and it's good for someone that knows where they're doing and going next and just filling the gap. - No more working from home - they stopped allowing you to work from home while everything you do is on the website, and the location and time shouldn't have mattered at all. It should have been fine as long as you make your goal. - Micro-management - same reason why they wanted you to go in everyday while you could have been doing the same thing anytime & anywhere. - Manager has some kind of issues and not being able to communicate in-person efficiently with you. - It seems like everyone works in this company are just in a bubble, and since it's a startup with a smaller team, almost everyone has a manager/ senior title. While they may or may not have been able to do well/ find similar roles elsewhere."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible work environment, horrible work culture (or lack thereof, no joke), horrible management...aka learn to problem solve, managers also do not know how to communicate properly. Such a quiet and soul sucking environment. Honestly, look elsewhere, I've never been met with such fake, snobby, and gossipy people in my life. If you like happy, friendly, genuine, down to earth coworkers/work environment then look elsewhere. So happy I got out of there. But, of course, if this is your cup of tea, then by all means work here."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"I think the biggest issue is the exec team is middle-aged, independently successful, and want to run their company like the legacy places they came from while also trying their best to parade Chairish like some tech darling. You can't have both. People come to work, sit quietly, and get tf out asap. There's very little camaraderie between coworkers and despite the colorful prints on the wall, it's an office with very little joy.This is a weird place with strange ways of working. Unexciting benefits, noncompetitive salary, don't waste your time."

MB says

"On 11/7/2020 I made an offer on a dresser to a seller, barbarella home, on Chairish. On 11/9/2020 my offer was accepted by the seller, and I was sent an email saying that shipment was being scheduled. And they charged me almost $3400 immediately. On 11/18/2020 they sent me an email saying my purchase was cancelled, and that they'd refund my card in 3-5 days, so they'll just keep my money for two weeks and all they offer as a consolation is a $25 gift card that expires in a year and is only good if you pay full price and don't make an offer? My first question is if the item was not available, then why did the seller accept the offer? My second question is why does Chairish allow scumbag sellers on their site? My third question is why are they charging my credit card for merchandise they do not have? And last, how did it take them 11 days to figure this out? My take on it is that they're intentionally allowing this to happen because they earn interest on people's money for weeks and never have to deliver anything. Total scam. This customer is lost forever and they'll be lucky if I don't sue them for breach of contract. If the money isn't back in my account in 5 days they are definitely getting sued. Time to put a stop to dirtbags."

Jenn Carney says

"I’m so disappointed with this company. Despite many negative reviews, I gave them a shot and am highly disappointed. First and foremost their customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced, it’s almost impossible to get in touch with them or get a response. I ordered 4 caracole dinning chairs in showroom condition. The photos listed proved they were in practically perfect shape. Weeks after I ordered, sandy bottom shipping called me to set up a delivery. The day before the delivery I was informed their truck broke down and they were attempting to fix the truck or rent a uhaul. The next morning I followed up with them as I didn’t get a follow up. The woman told me they would be on their way the next morning. When they arrived I instructed them to leave the 4 chairs in the garage. My home is newly renovated and I was waiting on a rug to come before I put my table and chairs in the dinning room. The shippers dropped the chairs, took a photo and left. Myself, my sister, and friend went to bring the chairs inside and noticed the one chair in the far corner had several damages on it. I reached out to Chairish several times with no response. When I finally got ahold of someone I was told the shipper made terrible false claims about the delivery. He claimed I damage the chairs brining them in. I told Chairish I have video footage from my security system to prove he’s lying. They don’t care!"

CTM says

" looks great, if you read their policies you'd think shopping there was safe, like you'll get what you ordered or your money back, right?. LOOK AGAIN, if (and I stress if) they decide you can return an item you will pay exorbitant shipping—TWICE, no matter how stained, scratched, smelly, or otherwise damaged the item you received turns out to be. So, if you buy a chair for $150, shipping each way will likely be $299 (some are $549 shipping). This means that, returning and getting a refund on a badly damaged $150 chair, will leave you in the hole $448 ($150 refund minus $598 for shipping both ways equals a net DEFICIT of $448 for buyer.) I've rolled the dice and bought several items from Chairish, I'd say that 40% of upholstered items, for example, came with undisclosed stains or holes or cigarette smells (or all three). Some were minor, and some were truly ridiculous. And you can't trust the "verified" buyer reviews on Chairish, they are by INVITATION ONLY, not all buyers are allowed to leave verified reviews, in fact I've only been invited to leave reviews on about 2% of what I've purchased from them. Lastly, their customer service response. Well, you'll wait a long time for a brief and dismissive email, or they'll just pass the buck to the seller, who will ignore you entirely. What to do then if you have to have it? What I do, what many do...if you see something you like on Chairish, google the item or google the seller, there's a pretty good chance you'll see them selling the same item elsewhere. Buy from them on another site and you'll likely save a ton of money in purchase price and shipping (and the ridiculous "logistics" fee)."

Shayan Family says

"They sold my $1,300 DWR designer sofa bed for $100 by mistake. When I tried to stop the sale and return the item the manager never returned my call despite being told they are aware of the problem and will contact shortly. Week later they deliver the sofa to the buyer against my wishes and send me a cheque for $70. I had paid $6,000 for the sofa. These people are unprofessional and unethical."

John Picarello says

"I purchased a marble lamp from The lamp was advertised as in "good, original condition" but arrived broken and re glued. After sending 17 photos illustrating the damage, Chairish steadfastly insisted the item was perfect. The two customer service agents I spoke with appeared to have little training or experience with dispute resolution. I had to take up my complaint with VISA's fraud department. AVOID THIS DISREPUTABLE SELLER."

Walter Goldberg says

"I recently ordered an antique reproduction grandfather clock that the Chairish website stated was in North Carolina. I was told 7-14 days for delivery. after a week with no response from the seller ( I called Chairish but they not only tell callers that that they are exceptionally busy, they say not to call back as it "will only delay our response." Then the recorded voice allows less than 5 mins on hold before they require you to leave a message. I eventually got help from Chairish who called and texted the seller, but got no response. Finally on day nine I got a tracking number from the seller, who turned out to be in England, not North Carolina. The clock was "being collected" by the shipper for an additional three days, but surprisingly, it did arrive in a bit over two weeks. The clock case was fine, but I thought for what I paid for it, the battery motor (Chinese with no jewels in the movement) could have been replaced with something for $5-7, and the clock face was paper glued to a piece of Masonite. I am buying my own clock face and motor. These things are not a big deal, except that the seller's description of the product is sufficiently ambiguous that the buyer is unaware of the details. So when you buy from Chairish, don't believe that what is on their website is an accurate description of the product or where it is coming from, and good luck trying to contact them should problems arise in the transaction. Caveat emptor!"

Tad and Debbie says

"After nearly 40 years of marriage, we decided to redo our master bedroom. We picked out 3 pillows from Chairish that looked perfect online to go with other pillows we were purchasing from other companies. Once all of the pillows arrived about 5 days days later, we discovered that the Chairish pillows looked very different in person than they did online. So, they absolutely didn't work the way we expected. When we went to return them, we discovered that Chairish has a 48 hour return policy. We've bought many items from Wayfair, Amazon, Houzz, Ballard and Pottery Barn and NO other company has such a punitive return policy. We will NEVER buy from Chairish again. Buyers Beware!!"